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Sewn Costume Weathering with KOPI
EVA Foam TITorial: make big ol’ titties with 3mm foam
Worbla Tutorial: The Cheap Sandwich
Another Worbla Sandwich Tutorial
Worbla Tutorial
Worbla Edging
Worbla Detailing
Weathering Tutorial: With Toothpaste and Spray Paint
Trick Scarf Tutorial
Being Cost Effective With Thermoplastics
Theory Of Foam Craft
Super Quick Foam Engraving Tutorial
Speedy Rhinestone Trick
Speed Building
Smoothing Worbla With Wood Glue And No Brush Marks
Shelldar Poke Knives Tutorial
Shearing Fake Fur
Sharpening Paint Fabric Details
Shaping Leather 101 Basic Curve
Sewing Fabric and Foam Sandwich
Sewing With Sticky Stretch Fabric
Lining Up A Sleeve For Sewing
Scale Detailing With Worbla
Bootyful Sailor Skirt
Rocky Effect With Foam Craft
Putting On Contact Lenses
Making A Pulled Back Hairline
Properties of Foam VS Worbla
Posing Tutorial: The Unnecessary Landing
Posing Tutorial: Posing When You Have Something To Hide
Pose Tutorial Vol 2: Side Kick
Patterning A Chest Plate: Cyborg Man Titty Style
Painting Nasty Shit
Packing Tutorial : Ver 1
Packing Tutorial : Ver 2
Orange Chocolate Coffee
Need Bolts Or Rivets But CBF
Multi-Tone Painting Tutorial
Multi-Tone Armour Painting
Mold and Caste With Plastimake
Making Zappidos
Making Wigs More Convincing
Making Tsumagi’s Latex Top
Making Shoes From Scratch
Making A Plaster Mold
Making Paper Patterns
Making Monster Dad’s Spank Sword
Making Fitter Armor Pieces You Don’t Have To Wiggle Into
Making A Filigree Pattern With Eva Foam
Machine Sewing Sticky Ass Material Together
Leather Working Tutorial 2 – Embossing Lines