Crossing the Thunder Plains

Plain of lightning, plain of thunder. Those who cross are torn asunder. 

I’m so happy to release this first shot of Bahamut’s photoshoot. This shot will be a part of Project Book: GRAND SUMMONING (order at the Shop now).

Featuring Taffles as Yuna

Photo by Byte Size Photography

Retouching by Peck Photography

Keychains of SUFFERING

In the world of cosplay suffering…which team are you on?
My new item: Keychains of Cosplay Suffering are now available in my shop: WIRRU-MART.

Our 16 teams so far:

cosplay is love, love is suffering, therefore cosplay is suffering

They’ll also be at GAMMA.CON this weekend 

I had a really good day. So I wanted to share some of it with you.

Good evening everyone~

Just wanted to let you know that I had a really nice day today. Nothing special happened. I went to work, then karate, then came home. But I just had a really nice day and I was (and still am) in a really lovely mood and I just wanted you all to know.

I hope you are also having a lovely day. If not, I hope some of my good mood can find its way to you.

Pic unrelated. I just like this bag.

TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Freehand Patterning Chest Armour

G’day Wirrudos!!
Welcome to our first Tutorial Tuesday on the Official Home of Repeat til CRYYYYY!!!

This week’s crafty idea is how to pattern a chest plate/torso armour from scratch without any help!!!

Tip: to keep your pattern symmetrical and avoid wonky titties, draw everything on a folded piece of paper. Then you can unfold the pattern to get a symmetrical design. (I didn’t do this… so you can notice my titties are a little wonky D: D: D: )We made some man-titties/pecs with this pattern in the photos. But you can use these exact same steps to make booby plates too.
The only difference in making booby plates will be:

  • You will draw round boobies in Step 2
  • Your underboob line in Step 3 will be a tiny bit curvier
  • In Step 5 you’ll be adding more darts under that underboob line
    Comments and questions are 9000% welcome <3
    Happy crafting. Remember to CUT THE BITCHES, and most importantly, Repeat Til Cry! Now, let’s go make some freehand tittays!

HOLA AMIGOS! – International Appearance

I’m super excited to announce another international convention appearance…..SOON!
(lol sorry for the tease. I am been ordered to wait a little bit, but I’m allowed to give clues!)

The clue is this blog post’s title and this:

Endy, sitting on some steps, thinking about what this clue means.



Appearance news!

BAHAMUT and I will be attending GAMMA.CON as cosplay guests! Yes. Both of us!
Bahamut will be on display and I will be running leatherwork demos all day long at my table next to him.

My books and prints will also be there, as well as specials available for anyone who pre-order our upcoming books: GRAND SUMMONING and HUNTSMAN.

Only a couple of weeks left! See you in Canberra soon.


Monster Hunter World, Field Team Leader leatherwork

G’day Wirrudos!

mmm…. butt

Here’s a closer look at the leatherwork parts on my Field Team Leader costume. This was such a fun project for me to go entirely organic and leather. The flavor of the Monster Hunter World world suited my crafting style really well.
I’ll eventually put my entire project log on here.

But for now,  let the abridged layers of hell begin:

detail embossing hell
texture embossing hell
dyeing hell
hand stitching hell! NO MACHINE SEWING HERE D:
… YESSSSSSSSS DONE!!!! Time to rest hands…


Welcome to AKWIRRU.COM!!

Welcome to my homepage!

This is the centralised page where you will find everything I offer: free content, patreon content, books, news…cats.

We are just getting started so excuse me while we still look a little naked. Over the next couple of weeks I will be loading up all of my free tutorial archives, cosplay logs and recent blog posts!

Thank you for your support and love. I hope you continue to enjoy my work on this new platform!

Thank you for your love~~~ See you soon!