Guest announcement!

I will be guest at J-Night Party in April thanks to J-HIT Producciones!
I can’t wait to see you all!!

At the beginning of the year I dropped some clues. Did anyone guess it right?

Clues deciphered:
Top left: Amy Santiago from B99 = Santiago
Top right: chilli = Chile
Bottom left = sign language for letter J = J
Bottom right= stock image for “night party”

Santiago, Chile, J-Night Party~



I’m so excited to announce my first international event of 2019: Cosplay Carnival in Manila! 

Who guessed is correctly from my clues? Here’s a decoding:

 1. Sailor Mars = Mars = month of Mars = March

2. King Phillip II of Spain, whom Phillipines was named after.

3. Litmus paper = pH levels = PH = Phillipines

4. Filo pastry = Filipina

5. Carnival Phantasm = Carnival = Cosplay Carnival

The event will be on March 23-24. It will be my first time visiting the Phillipines so I’m very excited to interact with the community, experience the convention culture and eat local foods, as well as share my knowledge and passion for cosplay with everybody.

Please look forward to further announcments regarding my scheduled activities.

See you soon in 马来西亚! Comic Fiesta!

马来西亚的朋友们!!! 你最爱的奶奶很快就会来到你的国家了!!!

I can’t wait to see you at CF this weekend. As mentioned earlier, this is my holiday. I’m not guest. Just random attendee. So no booth no panel no anything. Just wander, eat  and hopeto meet you while wandering.

MY COSPLAY LINE UP: as voted by you… it is 奶奶fiesta. TSUNADE on Saturday and MAI SHIRANUI on Sunday.

MEET UPS: at the moment nothing organised yet, we are waiting to see if convention organisers will allow me to organise one. The only official meet up at the moment is for anyone who has ordered one of my books online and wants to collect at CF. PM me on Facebook or IG for details on this. 

Book Orders: I’ve opened up a special book order for CF goers HERE .

Simply order the book you want online. Then PM me to let me know when and where it is convenient for you to pick up.

COSPLAY REPAIRS: On Saturday, since my cos (Tsunade) will be super comfy and I know some of yours won’t be… I will be carrying a range of cosplay repair supplies in my snack rack. If your cos needs to be healed on Saturday, come find the Legendary Medical Ninja and I will fix you up!

Maybe Sunday too. I will update about this.

See you all soon!



So it kioks like I’ll be at PAX AUS! The EBgames expo, who invites me to judge their cosplay comp every year, has invited me again. And since they’re joint events this year… YAY PAX FOR MEEE!!

I haven’t been to PAX in a while. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be bringing a WirruDad and WirruMum duo: Field Team Leader and Chun Li.

My schedule is really light for this event so I’ll be wandering around like a normal attendee most the time. Please say hi if you see me 🤗

HOLA AMIGOS! – International Appearance

I’m super excited to announce another international convention appearance…..SOON!
(lol sorry for the tease. I am been ordered to wait a little bit, but I’m allowed to give clues!)

The clue is this blog post’s title and this:

Endy, sitting on some steps, thinking about what this clue means.



Appearance news!

BAHAMUT and I will be attending GAMMA.CON as cosplay guests! Yes. Both of us!
Bahamut will be on display and I will be running leatherwork demos all day long at my table next to him.

My books and prints will also be there, as well as specials available for anyone who pre-order our upcoming books: GRAND SUMMONING and HUNTSMAN.

Only a couple of weeks left! See you in Canberra soon.