WIRRUMART update: 30% eBooks, Physical books paused

Hi crafty people. The world sure has shifted onto a pretty weird timeline right now…

Therefore all of my eBooks are 30% off until further notice.

Physical book orders are also paused until further notice so that I can do my part and #StayHome. Any physical books ordered by mistake will be refunded.

I hope my books can help everyone accquire a new skill or two while staying at home.
Please take care and stay safe.

Jiraiya and Tsunade: 2 out of 3 Sannin complete!

Good morning! After a couple of nights of intense crunching while taking a “break” from my current major projects… I managed to finish Jiraiya!

Which means, with Tsunade completed already, my Project Sannin is now 2/3 done.

Only Orochimaru left now!! I can’t wait to make him as gross as i think he is!!

For Jiraiya I had some pretty strict time and budget constraints; I had to finish him within 2 days because of my major projects and I didn’t have spare money to spend on him. This meant I had to use some unusual techniques and had to get thrifty with my materials!

Here’s a look at some of the work in progress: 

A Tutorial booklet of Project Jiraiya, as well as full work in progress photo records are on Patreon for supporters.

For everyone else, Tsunade’s tutorial booklet can be found in my store now. Jiraiya’s booklet will be released for everyone  to get later.


New Guest Appearance Announcement HINTS

Hi everyone. Long time no blog sorry!

I’m super excited to reveal that I’ve been confirmed for another international convention appearace.

While we are waiting for the event to be ready to announce, I’m allowed to give some CLUES! So any master code breakers can decipher the news early 😏😂

Here are your clues:

What event could this possibly be???

Leave your guesses in the comments!

Tsunade Project Booklet out now!

Hi everyone!
Tsunade’s Project Booklet is now available in my STORE.

This booklet covers how to make:
– Sleeveless kimono top
– Haori jacket
– Prosthetic tiddies with silicone
– Weathering on clothes
– Tsunade’s make up

It also includes 2 costume templates:
– Haori jacket
– Sleeveless kimono top

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

Guest announcement!

I will be guest at J-Night Party in April thanks to J-HIT Producciones!
I can’t wait to see you all!!

At the beginning of the year I dropped some clues. Did anyone guess it right?

Clues deciphered:
Top left: Amy Santiago from B99 = Santiago
Top right: chilli = Chile
Bottom left = sign language for letter J = J
Bottom right= stock image for “night party”

Santiago, Chile, J-Night Party~

Guest Appearance CLUE~

Hi everyone!
I’m so excited to start this weekend with ANOTHER international guest appearance CLUE~!

I think I made it a little easier this time. Let’s see if you can break the code:

Clue 1:

Clue 2:

Clue 3:

Clue 4:

Announcement coming soon. Meanwhile, happy decoding!

Cisolay Carnival PH line up

Hellooo Cosplay Carnival PH

Here is my costume line up for the event:

It’s going to be ninja granny and ninja grandpa!!!

Merchandise information coming soon.



I’m so excited to announce my first international event of 2019: Cosplay Carnival in Manila! 

Who guessed is correctly from my clues? Here’s a decoding:

 1. Sailor Mars = Mars = month of Mars = March

2. King Phillip II of Spain, whom Phillipines was named after.

3. Litmus paper = pH levels = PH = Phillipines

4. Filo pastry = Filipina

5. Carnival Phantasm = Carnival = Cosplay Carnival

The event will be on March 23-24. It will be my first time visiting the Phillipines so I’m very excited to interact with the community, experience the convention culture and eat local foods, as well as share my knowledge and passion for cosplay with everybody.

Please look forward to further announcments regarding my scheduled activities.

#JustWirruThings. Starting This Friday

Hi everyone. This week’s #TutorialTuesday is comingggg. But first, an announcement.

I’m finally going to commit to making more videos. Starting this Friday, I’ll making mini episodes called #JustWirruThings.
They will consist of RANDOM ASS cosplay related things from candid commentary to crazy speed crafting challenges.
It’ll be my way of celebrating the end of a working week and welcoming the weekend with some lighthearted mucking around.

Where to watch them:
Here, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Patreon.

When you can watch them:
FRIDAYS. It will be LIVE on Twitch first. Then uploaded to the rest of the platforms later in the day.

When will it start?
First episode out THIS FRIDAY but no stream.
Livestream episodes start NEXT Friday

Is it a Patreon thing?
Although I’d still love you for your support, this won’t become exclusive content.
The original Twitch livestreams will require subscription to watch back just like the Twitch Workshops BUT the finished episodes will be free to watch for all on ALL my social media platforms.The only thing extra you’ll get as a Patron #JustWirruThings-video-wise is download access to the original stream and the episode itself.

I’m REALLY excited to start properly goofing around and let go a little this year. Please look forward to #JustWirruThings!

International Appearance Clues! Let the codebreaking begin!

Happy new year everyone.

I’m super excited to start the year 2019 by announcing a guest appearance overseas and that I’ve been given the green light to drop some…CLUES.

It’s time to see who’s a master code breaker 😎

Clue 1:Clue 2a:

Clue 2b:

Clue 2c:Clue3:


Announcement SOON! Please look forward to it. Meanwhile, happy decoding.