Tutorial Tuesday… Con Straw?

G’day Tutorial Tuesday.

This week is a really silly one I’m sorry 😂 I was REALLY good at joining straws at primary school and recently it came in handy at an event so I think I’ll share:

Enjoy and happy sipping.


Azure Starlord: The armour so far

Happy Friday everyone! 
Here’s a very (VERY) condensed look at all the work I’ve put into my Azure Starlord Set (A.S.S). 

I’m making both the male and female set (because they’re both beautiful and I must have them both).
I’m making the armour almost entirely by leathercraft, focusing on being as immersive and true to the world of Monster Hunter with my craft as I can.

So far, for the armour portion of the costume, I have:
– embossed designs onto 2 chest pieces, 2 knee patches, 4 elbow pads, 4 knuckles, 8 waist belts,16 buckles and 32 spikey stripes
– embossed accents and shadows into each individual scale of 80 panels of croc print leather
– antiqued, dyed, buffed and highlighted 136 separate panels.
– actually Repeated til Cry

I’m not nearly done with this yet (kill me) but I’m already feeling really proud! This is really the type of projects I really like making.

I hope you guys are enjoying my A.S.S. so far. 😉
Check out all my ongoing leatherworking tutorials from this project on my Patreon .

Jiraiya and Tsunade: 2 out of 3 Sannin complete!

Good morning! After a couple of nights of intense crunching while taking a “break” from my current major projects… I managed to finish Jiraiya!

Which means, with Tsunade completed already, my Project Sannin is now 2/3 done.

Only Orochimaru left now!! I can’t wait to make him as gross as i think he is!!

For Jiraiya I had some pretty strict time and budget constraints; I had to finish him within 2 days because of my major projects and I didn’t have spare money to spend on him. This meant I had to use some unusual techniques and had to get thrifty with my materials!

Here’s a look at some of the work in progress: 

A Tutorial booklet of Project Jiraiya, as well as full work in progress photo records are on Patreon for supporters.

For everyone else, Tsunade’s tutorial booklet can be found in my store now. Jiraiya’s booklet will be released for everyone  to get later.


New Guest Appearance Announcement HINTS

Hi everyone. Long time no blog sorry!

I’m super excited to reveal that I’ve been confirmed for another international convention appearace.

While we are waiting for the event to be ready to announce, I’m allowed to give some CLUES! So any master code breakers can decipher the news early 😏😂

Here are your clues:

What event could this possibly be???

Leave your guesses in the comments!