Azure Starlord: The armour so far

Happy Friday everyone! 
Here’s a very (VERY) condensed look at all the work I’ve put into my Azure Starlord Set (A.S.S). 

I’m making both the male and female set (because they’re both beautiful and I must have them both).
I’m making the armour almost entirely by leathercraft, focusing on being as immersive and true to the world of Monster Hunter with my craft as I can.

So far, for the armour portion of the costume, I have:
– embossed designs onto 2 chest pieces, 2 knee patches, 4 elbow pads, 4 knuckles, 8 waist belts,16 buckles and 32 spikey stripes
– embossed accents and shadows into each individual scale of 80 panels of croc print leather
– antiqued, dyed, buffed and highlighted 136 separate panels.
– actually Repeated til Cry

I’m not nearly done with this yet (kill me) but I’m already feeling really proud! This is really the type of projects I really like making.

I hope you guys are enjoying my A.S.S. so far. 😉
Check out all my ongoing leatherworking tutorials from this project on my Patreon .

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