💥F 💥R 💥E💥 E 💥D 💥O 💥M💥 with Philippines!

💥💥💥E💥 E 💥💥💥M💥
That moment when a convention FINALLY ENDS and lets their cosplayers GO HOME!! 😭

🙏Thank you Cosplay Carnival for letting me close off their incredible weekend of events with my silliness and let me say their traditional send off phrase!
🙏Thank you to all of the wonderful cosplayers of the Philippines

community for all your love and power. Thank you for reaffirming my belief that cosplay can be fun, silly, and inclusive no matter how casually or professionally we choose to do it. And thank you for gathering together as such a diverse group of people to celebrate something we all have in common.
Forget all of my competition achievements. The 7 minutes in which we made this moment together on the main stage is my proudest, most precious cosplay moment of my life! 🤩

I will blog about the rest of my Cosplay Carnival Philippines experience very soon.

🎥Video credits: Cosplay.ph, @B-Roll Video Production & Design, Ysay my PA for the weekend, EriBloodBerry (IG) andod Gel Estrada.

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