#JustWirruThings. Starting This Friday

Hi everyone. This week’s #TutorialTuesday is comingggg. But first, an announcement.

I’m finally going to commit to making more videos. Starting this Friday, I’ll making mini episodes called #JustWirruThings.
They will consist of RANDOM ASS cosplay related things from candid commentary to crazy speed crafting challenges.
It’ll be my way of celebrating the end of a working week and welcoming the weekend with some lighthearted mucking around.

Where to watch them:
Here, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Patreon.

When you can watch them:
FRIDAYS. It will be LIVE on Twitch first. Then uploaded to the rest of the platforms later in the day.

When will it start?
First episode out THIS FRIDAY but no stream.
Livestream episodes start NEXT Friday

Is it a Patreon thing?
Although I’d still love you for your support, this won’t become exclusive content.
The original Twitch livestreams will require subscription to watch back just like the Twitch Workshops BUT the finished episodes will be free to watch for all on ALL my social media platforms.The only thing extra you’ll get as a Patron #JustWirruThings-video-wise is download access to the original stream and the episode itself.

I’m REALLY excited to start properly goofing around and let go a little this year. Please look forward to #JustWirruThings!

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