6 Places You Can Hide Snacks in Your Cosplay

Happy New Year, first #TutorialTuesday of 2019!

Cosplayers… Let’s all hold hands and admit what we do is some sick form of self torture.  It seems no matter what costume you wear, whether it’s hand made or bought, a giant mecha or a goddamn sports jersey… as long as you are cosplaying, physical suffering will eventually find you. (I once got shoulder pains that lasted A WEEK from wearing a BASKET BALL UNIFORM. WHAT THE FUCK?!)

So as a craft-based cosplayer, I decided to be a fucking survivor and started building ANTI-DEATH features into all my costumes so when my costume and/r my life starts to fall apart at a convention… I’M READY FOR IT.

My favorite anti-death feature is THE SNACK RACK (also repair rack…but mostly snacks). A.k.a. storage compartments, places to hold shit.

Here are my 5 favorite places on my costume where I’ve made a snack rack so far ranked by their RACK STATS.

The Rack Stats are:

Easy to make: how easy it is to make.
Functionality:  how easy it is to access the stored supplies and how little it affects the comfort/mobility of the costume.
Stealth: how unnoticeable the snack rack can blend into the costume.
Repair kit storage: how much cosplay repair related supplies it can store.
Snack storage: how much food it can store.
Novelty: fun factor.

Here they are !


It’s an invisible zipped pocket in both corners of the cape.

PROS: It’s completely out of the way AND can act as a cape weight for MAXIMUM CAPE FLINGING. They can be unnoticeable if you take your time sewing the pocket in neatly. It’s an unexpected place to store things so novelty value is high! I mainly used my Endymion cape to store cookies and bobby pins, safety pins and a small powder compact.

CONS: the pocket have to be small. Requires very clean sewing. Mostly limited to storing small, flat items. Or else cape will become a sack.

Easy to make: D
Functionality: A,
Stealth A
Repair Kit Storage: C
Snack Storage: D
Novelty: S.

(Venusaur, Mutsunokami)

A.k.a. Snack Arms.

PROS: it happens naturally. You don’t even have to do anything. When you make a kimono sleeve, you’re actually just making a giant bag on your arm. All you got to do is use it. Lots of space.  Super easy to retrieve items and put them back.

CONS:  despite the amount of space available,  you have to be careful about how much you carry. Keep items light or the sleeve will become a visibly heavy sack that could swing around and hit things around you.

Easy to make: S
Functionality: B
Stealth: A
Repair Kit Storage: C
Snack Storage: B
Novelty: D

4. Leather Pouches and 
Bottle Holder 
(MHW Field Team Leader) 

They’re just… pouches.

PROS: They’re a no-brainer. No imagination needed. All you need to do is make any and every pouch functional on any and every character that has pouches. It’s a pouch so if it’s not functional what are you even doing to yourself. And pouches are EASY. If you’re working with EVA foam, it’s just a box with a flap. If it’s fabric, you’re just sewing squares to each other. I prefer hard leather pouches because 1) they’re aesthetic AF, and 2) they’re tough AF too so you can really cram a lot of shit in without warping the shape of the pouch or fear of it ripping. In my FTL rack, I was able to store a full repair kit (glue, pins, tape, make up, sewing kit) in the large pouch, coscards and candy in the small pouch, and a bottle of coke in my holster.

CONS: Your snack rack’s capabilities depend on the shape and size of the pouches on your character’s design.

Easy to make: A
Functionality: S
Stealth: C
Repair Kit Storage: B
Snack Storage: C
Novelty: E

3. Inside Weapon Prop 
(Ovan , Bakugo)

The whole thing is a container! I had a rack inside the cannon next to the handle.

Bakugo’s grenades are also two giant snack shakers.

PROS: MASSIVE storage space. The bigger and cooler your weapon, the more potential it has as a snack rack! It’s EASY to incorprate into a prop; just make it hollow! (I mean if you’re making a giant prop solid, you’re just asking for pain.) It has absolutely no effect on costume mobility since it’s a hand held accessory. In both Ovan’s cannon and Bakugo’s snack hands, I was able to store my entire repair kit, sandwiches, a change of clothes and a bag for my costume after I change.

CONS: It’s easy to get carried away and store so many things that the weapon becomes heavy luggage. It’s easy to just make a box and stuff it full of stuff. But if you want this snack rack to be organised and easily accessible, you’ll need to spend sometime designing its compartments.

Easy to make: B
Functionality: B
Stealth: S
Repair Kit Storage: S
Snack Storage: S
Novelty: B

2. Chest Cavity inside 
Larger-Than-Life Costume 


PROS: easy to design and make! It’s as simple as making a foam rectangle and sticking it inside the front wall of the chest. If you’re making a costume larger than your house and you’re gonna be caged inside it… You might as well  make th costume INTO YOUR HOUSE! ALL larger-than-life builds should have room for a little rack!! This way you can constantly re-hydrate without having to get you handler to feed you on a stool. Besides it is HEAPS of fun and very impressive to be a giant costume that’s self sustaining! In Bahamut, I had a rack full of bottles of water, soft drink and one little bottle of vodka 😉 I drank them through straws.

CONS: unfortunately self repair isn’t possible with most larger-than-life builds so there’s not much point in storing repair supplies. Requires a secure and organised rack, making sure supplies can be accessed and put back precisely without looking and nothing falls or spills inside the costume (cause you’re stuck with it of it happens).

Easy to make: A
Functionality: B
Stealth: S
Repair Kit Storage: D
Snack Storage: A
Novelty: S

1. BOOBS (Tsunade, Mai)

THEY ARE A RACK. THEY ARE A SNACK. THEY ARE A SNACK RACK! (They’re padded pockets inside fake silicone cast boobs.

PROS: THEY’RE BOOBS. SUPER easy to make. Max fun. Pad pockets for max comfort. BIGGER THE BOOBS BIGGER, THE STORE ROOM. Because I made my pair of silicone boobies GINORMOUS, I was able to fit a convention emergeny kit consisting of enough hairspray, bobby pins, safety pins, UHU glue, contact cement, duct tape, make up compact and brush, scissors and sewing kit and a glue stick for not just myself but everyone around me 😂

CONS: accurate neck and back load. Can get sweaty so keep everything in little zip lock bags. Takes a little practice to get all the items and put them back precisely. Can’t store chocolate because it’ll melt.

Easy to make: S
Functionality: A
Stealth: S
Repair Kit Storage: A
Snack Storage: B
Novelty: S

That was my 6 favourite snack racks in costumes! I hope they gave you some ideas on how to make your costumes a little more anti-death.
Let me know your favourite places to store things in your costume, and let me know your RACK STAT!! XDDD

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Happy crafting. Repeat til CRYYYY!

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