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International award-winning cosplayer, costume maker, and workshop presenter from Sydney, Australia.
Here, you’ll find my costuming and karate life, crafting tutorials and event news.

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Repeat Til Cry BLOG

[EVA Talk] Is the first 10 minutes of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 is hinting at Shinji’s death?

Okay EVA nerds. Our time has come. On July 6th, YEARS after Evangelion 3.0, we finally got the first 10 minutes of the final Evangelion Rebuild film, due in 2020. You can watch it fansubbed in English and Spanish here: While it looks like another 10 minutes of nothing, full of CG battle (which was …

Snack Flinging Grappling Hook!

I GOT A SNACKšŸ¬Ā I GOT A SLINGERšŸ¹Ā I GOT A SNACK SLINGERšŸ¤¤ šŸ–This is my functional grappling hook for my MHW Azure Starlord set. It’s made with foam, foam clay and paints fromĀ Lumin’s Workshop – Cosplay and Fabrication Supplies, leather and dyes fromĀ Birdsall Leather, and random scraps in my room. šŸ–Tutorials for this prop will be …