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International award-winning cosplayer, costume maker, and workshop presenter from Sydney, Australia.
Here, you’ll find my costuming and karate life, crafting tutorials and event news.

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Repeat Til Cry BLOG


G’day Tutorial Tuesday! This week I’m going to share my personal strategy on how to work under the impending doom of a cosplay convention deadline! We’ve ALL been there. Your local (or not local and you just love pain) event is coming up something ridiculous like THIS WEEKEND and you realised your the costume progress …

Guest announcement!

AYYYY DIOS MIO HELLO Chile, Santiago! I will be guest at J-Night Party in April thanks to J-HIT Producciones! I can’t wait to see you all!! At the beginning of the year I dropped some clues. Did anyone guess it right? Clues deciphered: Top left: Amy Santiago from B99 = Santiago Top right: chilli = …