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International award-winning cosplayer, costume maker, and workshop presenter from Sydney, Australia.
Here, you’ll find my costuming and karate life, crafting tutorials and event news.

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I hope you enjoy my work!

Repeat Til Cry BLOG


😂REPEAT TIL CRY 7 DAYS😭.. Watch me suffer on Twitch EVERY DAY for 7 days starting today! Channel link: Twitch.tv/AmenoKitarou  Each session will involve an intro to what I’m working on and how I’ll tackle it, an explanation the techniques I’m be using, tricks and tips involved, then Repeat til Cry!. I’ve been a little …

Twitch Channel going LIVE today!

Hi everyone. I’ve started a Twitch channel to properly livestream my crafty suffering with you all. Channel: Twitch.tv/AmenoKitarou I’m kicking off the channel TODAY with a channel-warming EVA FOAM CRAFTING CLASS, live from 3PM AEDT Sydney time <3.. Come watch me suffer and hopefully learn some useful crafty tips! See you soon. 🖥😘